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Cover: Keepsake Wedding Accessories
PublisherThe House of White Birches, Inc.
Publication MonthJun/Jul
Publication Year1992
18 Patterns
A New Creation Butterfly
Designed by Kathleen Fisher
60w x 64h
Americana Sampler
Designed by Tonya McKay
90w x 71h
37w x 39h
Carousel Trio
Designed by Cindi Nicotera
181w x 71h
Floral Silhouette
Designed by Mary Lamb Becker
77w x 100h
Gentian Wedding Keepsake
Designed by Kay Pealstrom
101w x 88h
Happy Father's Day
Designed by Laurie Craven
70w x 98h
Home Sweet American Home
Designed by Cornelia Barr
77w x 52h
I Love You, Dad
Designed by Ursula Michael
65w x 70h
Keepsake Wedding Accessories - Bookmark
Designed by Nancy Connally
24w x 96h
Keepsake Wedding Accessories - Guest Book
Designed by Nancy Connally
66w x 48h
Keepsake Wedding Accessories - Scrapbook
Designed by Nancy Connally
66w x 95h
Mini Christmas Trims - Holiday Cardinal
Designed by Carole Rodgers
23w x 28h
Mini Christmas Trims - Merry Duck
Designed by Carole Rodgers
30w x 33h
Peony Afghan - Motif A
Designed by Kay Pealstrom
70w x 62h
Peony Afghan - Motif B
Designed by Kay Pealstrom
50w x 61h
Teatime on the Lawn
Designed by Virginia Soskin
134w x 88h
Yellow Slickers
Designed by Ursula Michael
95w x 73h