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Cross Stitch Plus | Cover: Tropical Parrots
Cover: Tropical Parrots
PublisherThe Needlecraft Shop, LLC
Publication MonthMar
Publication Year1994
14 Patterns
Beaded Heart Pendant
Designed by Lois Winston
36w x 32h
Call Your Daughter
Designed by Kendal Bushnell
57w x 56h
Colonial Welcome
Designed by Tonya McKay
33w x 133h
Eyeglass Cases - Bunny in the Cabbage Patch
Designed by Peggy Thomas
29w x 23h
Eyeglass Cases - Floral Monogram
Designed by Peggy Thomas
25w x 24h
Eyeglass Cases - Siamese Kitty
Designed by Peggy Thomas
40w x 23h
Floral Heart Wreath
Designed by Kathleen Fisher
47w x 73h
Penguin Gift Tags
Designed by Eleanor Glavin
31w x 21h
Posy Pillow
Designed by Cam Harmon
105w x 80h
Spring Bunny
Designed by Lois Winston
50w x 60h
The Way of the Wind
Designed by Paula Powers
150w x 76h
Time with a Friend
Designed by Freeda Hill
102w x 70h
Tropical Parrots
Designed by Lois Winston
108w x 102h
Windows of Truth #1-#4
Designed by Peggy Thomas
50w x 91h