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Cross Stitch Sampler | Cover: Queen Anne Sewing Chest
Cover: Queen Anne Sewing Chest
PublisherNKS Publications, Inc.
Publication MonthSpring
Publication Year1995
14 Patterns
Baby Snuggle Afghan - Cat
Designed by Lois Winston
40w x 37h
Baby Snuggle Afghan - Rabbit
Designed by Lois Winston
38w x 40h
Baby Snuggle Afghan - Rocking Horse
Designed by Lois Winston
41w x 38h
Baby Snuggle Afghan - Sheep
Designed by Lois Winston
39w x 38h
Baby's First
Designed by Anne Brinkley
27w x 19h
Country Village Afghan
133w x 46h
Edwardian Trousseau of Dreams
Designed by Tanya Marie Willis
197w x 45h
Family Collection Series - Wedding Sampler
Designed by Pamela Johnson
103w x 75h
Geranium Sampler Pillow
Designed by Janelle Giese
86w x 86h
Holiday Birdhouse
79w x 101h
Jaime's Sampler
Designed by Gena Fausel
65w x 113h
Peace of the Lord Sampler
Designed by Kandace Thomas
107w x 104h
Queen Anne Sewing Chest
Designed by Barbara Jackson
102w x 105h
Spring Comes Full Circle
Designed by Mike Vickery
160w x 163h