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For Boys Only | Cover: Various Male Designs
Cover: Various Male Designs
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Leaflet Number216
PublisherJeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
Publication Year2000
DesignerUrsula Michael
17 Patterns
#1 Son
45w x 52h
Always My Dad
67w x 49h
Dad's Cooking
51w x 63h
Good Work, Son
23w x 20h
Grandfathers Have Time
91w x 30h
Guys' Hats
84w x 38h
Guys' Shoes
89w x 33h
Happy Birthday
97w x 30h
He Came, He Sawed
58w x 58h
I Love Daddy
28w x 20h
I Love You Dad
98w x 30h
I Love You Grandpa
72w x 14h
Just like My Dad
99w x 29h
More Power
76w x 41h
One of a Kind
59w x 30h
Super Dad
27w x 53h
World's Best Dad
40w x 20h