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For the Love of Cross Stitch | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthJan
Publication Year1995
11 Patterns
Christmas Cheer Stocking Cuff
88w x 50h
Christmas Ornaments #1 - #12
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
28w x 27h
Fingertip Fruits Towel
Designed by Elizabeth Spurlock
84w x 27h
Green Winged Teal Duck
Designed by Judy Gibson
102w x 58h
Holly-Day Cows
Designed by Rose Calton
110w x 64h
Merry Mouse
Designed by Carol Boswell
45w x 53h
Reindeer Cheer Bread Cover
Designed by Deborah Lambein
48w x 48h
Santa's Enchanted Flight
Designed by Susan Brack
123w x 144h
Sweet Snowman
Designed by Sandi Gore Evans
78w x 72h
Wood Duck
Designed by Judy Gibson
102w x 59h
Woodland Angel
Designed by Camille Harrison
72w x 113h