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For the Love of Cross Stitch | Cover: Country Sampler Ornaments
Cover: Country Sampler Ornaments
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthJan
Publication Year1989
16 Patterns
Designed by Pam Mckee
67w x 60h
Country Sampler
Designed by Debbie Mumm
156w x 116h
Friendly Messages - Best Friends
Designed by Cindy Grubb
42w x 40h
Friendly Messages - Bless This House
Designed by Cindy Grubb
78w x 38h
Friendly Messages - We're Quite a Pair
Designed by Cindy Grubb
31w x 42h
Friendly Messages - Wish You Were Here
Designed by Cindy Grubb
43w x 34h
Great Egret
Designed by Claudia Anderson
81w x 136h
Hearts and Pines
159w x 119h
Ribbons in the Snow
Designed by Doris Morgan
204w x 74h
Santa's Helper
Designed by Carol Emmer
72w x 36h
Ups and Pounds
Designed by Figi Graphics
84w x 98h
Victorian Ornaments - Angel
37w x 52h
Victorian Ornaments - Bird
48w x 13h
Victorian Ornaments - Horn
18w x 23h
Victorian Ornaments - Santa
16w x 39h
Victorian Ornaments - Stocking
21w x 52h