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For the Love of Cross Stitch | Cover: Poinsettia
Cover: Poinsettia
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthJan
Publication Year1990
13 Patterns
Gift Boxes - Favorite Things
Designed by Mimi Hanna
81w x 55h
Gift Boxes - Forget Me Not
Designed by Mimi Hanna
44w x 39h
Gift Boxes - Home is a Special Place
Designed by Mimi Hanna
65w x 41h
Hello Friend
Designed by Cindy Grubb
36w x 34h
Homespun Sachets
Designed by Unknown
43w x 15h
Love One Another
Designed by Susan Winget
120w x 78h
Designed by Sandi Gore Evans
130w x 82h
Designed by Pam Mckee
61w x 58h
Designed by Merilyn Rocks
126w x 136h
Designed by Polly Carbonari
80w x 39h
Ribbons and Holly
Designed by Diane Brakefield
103w x 22h
Snow Crystal
Designed by Sheila Tune Upham
157w x 109h
Wreath of Roses
Designed by Unknown
33w x 33h