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For the Love of Cross Stitch | Cover: Poetry of Nature
Cover: Poetry of Nature
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthMar
Publication Year1991
10 Patterns
Designed by Figi Graphics
113w x 142h
Easter Bread Cloth
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
26w x 26h
Four Friends
Designed by Susan Winget
149w x 49h
Garden Basket
Designed by Anne Fetzer
125w x 111h
Poetry of Nature
Designed by Mary Vincent-Bertand
161w x 119h
Romantic Monograms
Designed by Unknown
21w x 20h
Santa Helpers - Bear
Designed by Marianne Wourms
33w x 37h
Santa Helpers - Elf
Designed by Marianne Wourms
40w x 37h
Southwest Motif
Designed by Unknown
9w x 17h
Spring Beauties
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
125w x 133h