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Back Book Gifts of Love
PublisherMeredith Corporation
Publication Year1993
DesignerKooler Design Studio
28 Patterns
A Gift From the Heart
Description: Grapevine wreath, birds, hearts, alphabet letters and words.
125w x 166h
A Housewarming
Description: Quilts blocks, hearts, and words.
146w x 146h
A Time to Share
Description: Cottage, vines, alphabet letters, and words.
146w x 188h
Cuddly Kitty
Description: Bluebird on a tree branch. Instructions included for a stuffed cat doll.
41w x 18h
Flowers at Your Fingertips
Description: Floral border and monogrammed initials. Instructions included for towel, tissue box, and basket trim.
49w x 17h
Friendly Salutations
Description: Oval-shaped design has a cottage and words.
79w x 89h
Friendship's Brewing - Blue Flowers Teapot
Description: Teapot-shaped design with blue flowers
70w x 49h
Friendship's Brewing - Floral Basket Teapot
Description: Teapot-shaped design with a flower basket
73w x 53h
Friendship's Brewing - House Motif Teapot
Description: Teapot-shaped design with a house, trees and sheep
75w x 45h
Friendship's Brewing - Pink Rose Teapot
Description: Teapot-shaped design with a pink rose and purple pansies
72w x 46h
From a Cherished Child
Description: Towel design with child's colorful handprints and names written in crayon
161w x 38h
Handy Maiden
Description: Three quilt squares include flower basket, house, and thread spools. Instructions included for a rag doll.
32w x 32h
Heritage Banners
Description: Four different designs include a cottage, vines, and an initial. Each 60w x 56h
60w x 56h
Honey Bear - Flower Border
Description: Pink flowers and vine. Instructions included for a doll apron.
131w x 6h
Honey Bear - Heart
Description: Pink heart. Instructions included for a doll apron.
9w x 7h
Honey Bear - Honey Bee
Description: Honey jar and a bee. Instructions included for a stuffed bear doll.
19w x 23h
Love Birds
Description: Two birds wrapping a ribbon around their nest
110w x 95h
Nature's Gifts
Description: Sampler includes floral border, alphabet letters, beehive, bees, and verse.
127w x 154h
Pins of Preference
Description: Pink and purple flowers. Instructions included to make a pincushion.
46w x 41h
Precious Pup
Description: Baby bottles and letters B-O-B. Instructions included for a stuffed dog doll.
10w x 30h
Remind Me to Smile
Description: Little boy on a rocking horse, little girl in pigtails, little boy holding a balloon, little girl in plaid jumper, dog, hearts, and words.
178w x 60h
The Color of Love
Description: A child's colorful handprints, a crayon house, heart, and words with a crayon border.
103w x 79h
The Gift of Life
Description: Birth sampler includes alphabet letters and hearts border, a tree, bluebird, lambs, teddy bear, raccoon, tiger cub, your baby's name, birthdate, and birth weight.
124w x 117h
The Nicest Gifts
Description: Design includes a farmer and his wife, lambs, their country farm, teddy bears, hearts, girl teddy bear with her stitching supplies, honey jar, bird nest, and words.
153w x 217h
Tokens of Affection
Description: Design of Victorian tokens include fan with tassel, flowers, pearl necklace, ribbons, and words.
188w x 123h
Velvety Christmas Wishes
Description: Flowers, ribbon, and heart pendant. Instructions included for a velvet stocking.
93w x 98h
Welcome Friends
Description: Design includes pineapple urn, birds, rabbits, homes, butterflies, strawberries, flower vase, fruit basket, and words.
88w x 146h
Welcome Reflections
Description: Teddy bear holding a large crayon, a house, hearts, and words.
103w x 76h