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Here I Grow | Cover: Mouse and Clown White Afghan
Cover: Mouse and Clown White Afghan
Leaflet Number701
PublisherNeedleworks, Incorporated
Publication Year1982
DesignerCari Collection
27 Patterns
Bear on the Line
28w x 60h
Boy with Flowers
26w x 48h
Bunny Buggy
66w x 45h
Bunny in Diaper
41w x 55h
Bunny in Pj's
50w x 59h
Bunny Shower
47w x 60h
Bunny with Carrot
38w x 32h
Bunny with Flower
36w x 29h
Cat with Bottle
36w x 32h
Clown Series
160w x 41h
Clown With Bird
56w x 88h
Clown With Umbrella
46w x 78h
Elephant Walk
63w x 22h
Fairy on Rainbow
70w x 67h
Girl Mouse in Diaper
38w x 74h
Girl Mouse in Dress
41w x 60h
Girl with Bubble Gum
31w x 48h
Ice Cream Border
82w x 96h
Jack in the Box
45w x 87h
70w x 71h
Mouse Clown
51w x 100h
Mouse in Blanket
62w x 164h
Mouse with Balloon
42w x 97h
Teddy Bear
154w x 81h
Turtle Poem
123w x 190h
Turtle with Bear
28w x 60h
White Cat
23w x 24h