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Holidays All Year | Cover: Various Seasonal Designs
Cover: Various Seasonal Designs
Leaflet Number196
PublisherDimensions, Inc.
Publication Year1992
DesignerBarbara Mock
18 Patterns
A Star Spangled Holiday - God Bless
30w x 30h
A Star Spangled Holiday - I Love America
30w x 33h
A Star Spangled Holiday - Uncle Sam
36w x 42h
Be My Valentine - Cupid
35w x 33h
Be My Valentine - Heart
37w x 37h
Be My Valentine - Love Bear
30w x 36h
Boo - Ghosts
37w x 37h
Boo - Pumpkin Cat
36w x 33h
Boo - Witch
36w x 35h
Erin Go Bragh - Leprechaun
28w x 36h
Erin Go Bragh - Pot of Gold
35w x 35h
Erin Go Bragh - Shamrocks
35w x 33h
Happy Easter - Basket
35w x 32h
Happy Easter - Decorated Egg
38w x 47h
Happy Easter - Easter Morn
33w x 43h
Let Us Give Thanks - Cornucopia
34w x 35h
Let Us Give Thanks - Pilgrims
29w x 44h
Let Us Give Thanks - Wreath
37w x 38h