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Back Leaflet Just a Thought Mini Series #19
Just a Thought Mini Series #19 | Cover: Various Verses
Cover: Various Verses
Leaflet Number625
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication Year1988
DesignerCindy Grubb
19 Patterns
A Friend
42w x 18h
A Merry Heart
28w x 18h
An Apple a Day
23w x 23h
Bless You #1
28w x 27h
Bless You #2
19w x 17h
Bloom Where God Plants You
53w x 16h
Children Are a Gift
36w x 23h
Encourage One Another
20w x 34h
Ewe Are Loved
38w x 21h
Give Peace a Chance
39w x 19h
Good Morning
23w x 39h
He Counts the Number
68w x 19h
31w x 34h
May Your Days
24w x 31h
Special Teacher
30w x 20h
Welcome Everyone
19w x 33h
Welcome Friends
33w x 22h
You're in My Prayers
41w x 27h
You're One of a Kind
36w x 20h