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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Remembrance Prayer
Cover: Remembrance Prayer
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJan/Feb
Publication Year1994
16 Patterns
Anniversary Rose
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: Red roses with banner space for 40 years.
53w x 53h
As Brother and Sister
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: Little Victorian boy looking into a pram with words.
125w x 92h
Bedtime Story
Designed by Alison Atamian
Description: Mother in nightcap reading to her child by oil lamp
62w x 79h
Blessed Be This Home
Designed by Kandace Thomas
Description: A modern-day sampler of thistles, the name of your family, and words.
107w x 165h
Children Touch the World
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: A birth announcement with a border of children holding hands and hearts
120w x 111h
Double-Running Stitch Bookmark
Designed by Lorna Reeves
Description: Two bunches of grapes
35w x 47h
Description: Floral vine border surrounding words.
111w x 158h
Little Baby Bunting
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Baby in cradle hanging on tree branch while bunnies watch with words from the nursery rhyme
120w x 163h
Long-Trusted Friend
Designed by Robyn Taylor
Description: Hearts and words.
99w x 89h
Love Lifts Me Higher
Designed by Marianne Wourms
Description: A pink heart-shaped balloon pulling a teddy bear away. Perfect for a mug
99w x 38h
Love Rose
Designed by Green Apple, Inc.
Description: A lacy border surrounding a single pink rose
69w x 87h
Remembrance Prayer
Designed by Virginia Soskin
Description: Heart-shaped vine with three roses surrounding words.
155w x 145h
Sisters' Kitty
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: Two Victorian sisters feeding their kitty
77w x 55h
Designed by Charlotte Holder
Description: Strawberries on the vine
67w x 59h
Strawberry, Vanilla, Oops
Designed by Elaine Fuller
Description: Three different bibs with ice cream cones
100w x 28h
Words of Love
Designed by Charlotte Holder
Description: Birds, flowers and words.
124w x 154h