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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Persian Floral
Cover: Persian Floral
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJan/Feb
Publication Year1999
11 Patterns
Beautiful Threads
Designed by Gail Bussi
Description: Round sampler in pastels. Says - "Beautiful threads, stitched dreams, created in soft peaceful hours."
101w x 100h
Christmas in Town - Part 1
Designed by Permin Of Copenhagen
Description: This is the first in four part design. This design features the cafe.
362w x 110h
English China Patterns - Scene
Description: A scene in reds of a church.
205w x 163h
English China Patterns - Teacup
Description: A teacup design in blues.
81w x 75h
Iris Window Garden
Designed by Linda Connors
Description: Irises in this window view.
34w x 100h
Nursery Rhyme Bellpull
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
Description: A set of five nursery rhymes which include "Humpty Dumpty", "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater," "Hey Diddle Diddle," and "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep."
45w x 233h
Perisan Floral
Designed by Teresa Wentzler
Description: Intricate pillow with colorful vining patterns. Chart also gives option to stitch in muted colors.
170w x 170h
Picot Heart Brooch
Designed by Diane Selby
Description: Small brooch with heart design.
36w x 24h
Proud to Be on Duty
Designed by Julia Lucas
Description: Colorful design of a firestation.
136w x 145h
Spring Birdhouse Sampler
Designed by Wendy Mosbacher
Description: Fourth in four-part series. White birdhouse and white picket fence. Others appeared in Jul, Sept, and Winter 1998 issues.
54w x 78h
Spring Sampler
Designed by Carol Emmer
Description: Young girl holding a flower in this colorful sampler. Reads - "Every day hold the possibility if a miracle."
90w x 137h