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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Ivy Heart Wreath
Cover: Ivy Heart Wreath
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJan/Feb
Publication Year2000
11 Patterns
Across Main Street - Part 1
Designed by Permin Of Copenhagen
Description: Quaint European town. This installment features the Pine Shop whose windows and sidewalks display a wealth of wicker baskets, chests of drawers and verdigris posts.
303w x 102h
Grapes Pillow
Description: A pillow decorated with grapes.
168w x 168h
Hey, Diddle, Diddle
Description: Whimsical depiction of nursery rhyme.
164w x 162h
Ivy Heart Wreath
Designed by Judy Jamieson
Description: A heart shaped wreath wrapped with blue and bink ribbons.
130w x 122h
Love Is the Greatest Gift
Designed by Linda Ebright
Description: Whimsical design says "Love is the greatest gift."
81w x 81h
Pansy Wreath
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: Small wreath of pansies.
42w x 44h
Quilt Blocks Galore - Log Cabin Quilt Block
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: Log cabin quilt block motif. First in quilt block series. The others appeared in the April, June, and August 2000 issues.
70w x 70h
Renaissance Jewels
Designed by Lesa Steele
Description: Rich, vivid colors in this band sampler.
52w x 107h
Rose Heart
Description: An elegant pair of initials surrounded by a rose-embellished heart.
81w x 81h
Spring Friendship
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
Description: A black kitty approaching a rooster on a spring day. Part of series. Companion to Winter Watch, Summer Nap and Autumn Walk in other issues.
87w x 108h
Tudor Rose
Designed by Kandace Thomas
Description: Blackwork-style stitches decorate the top of a cherry box.
57w x 57h