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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJul/Aug
Publication Year2000
12 Patterns
A Blue and White Floral Towel
Description: A blue and white floral design that mimics blue and white china.
136w x 31h
A Butterfly Garden Sampler
Designed by Lesa Steele
Description: A sampler in lavender colors.
72w x 163h
A Cottage Garden
Designed by Julia Lucas
Description: A country cottage with a field of daises in the foreground.
70w x 89h
Butterflies and Irises
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: Four butterflies perched on an iris flower.
62w x 147h
Emma's Strawberries
Description: Smiling strawberries.
153w x 33h
English Butterfly Garden Box
Designed by Linda Driskell
Description: A delicate looking box.
462w x 56h
In Green Pastures
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: A design of the green pastures of the English countryside.
120w x 114h
Little People
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: A verse by James Greenleaf Whittlier.
91w x 125h
New England Lighthouse
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: Seagulls swooping a flower-covered bluff and the calm expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.
75w x 89h
Quilt Blocks Galore - Star Quilt Block
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: A traditional star motif.
70w x 70h
Summer Scene
Designed by Cynthia Zittel
Description: A whimsical small design of a house.
43w x 43h
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Designed by Gail Bussi
Description: This design has a small sheep in the center and says "The Lord is My Shepherd."
90w x 72h