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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Various Ornaments
Cover: Various Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJul/Aug
Publication Year2010
23 Patterns
4th of July
Designed by Lois Winston
59w x 59h
A Partridge ina Pear Tree Ornament
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
41w x 41h
A Sparkling Christmas I Ornament
Designed by Mosey N Me
59w x 60h
Be Yourself
Designed by Linda Stoltz
98w x 98h
By the Shore
Designed by Sharon Pope
140w x 104h
Cool Christmas Ornament
Designed by Lynda Watkins
42w x 71h
Gingerbread Tree Ornament
Designed by Diane Williams
49w x 57h
Gold Christmas Tassel Ornament
Designed by Thea Dueck
30w x 46h
Golden Cross Ornament
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
45w x 73h
Goldfinch in Thisties
Designed by Sharon Pope
112w x 140h
I Love Reindeer Ornament
Designed by Deborah Thorpe
70w x 68h
Let the Frolicking Begin Ornament
Designed by Amy Bruecken
40w x 64h
Liberty Tree
Designed by Mary McLenon-Turley
66w x 149h
Mine Ornament
Designed by Michelle Lash
53w x 53h
Old Main Street - Library
Designed by Julia Lucas
100w x 75h
Parrot Tulip
Designed by Marie Barber
105w x 86h
Santa's Cookies Ornament
Designed by Linda Stoltz
80w x 70h
Season of Love Ornament
Designed by Nikki Leeman
67w x 66h
Splendor of Florals - August Poppies
Designed by Sharon Pope
106w x 106h
Splendor of Florals - July Water Lily
Designed by Sharon Pope
106w x 106h
Summer Mandala
Designed by Tracy Horner
101w x 101h
Summer Song
Designed by Deborah Thorpe
110w x 108h
Tis Green Ornament
Designed by Lori Markovic
41w x 41h