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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Hearts Entwined
Cover: Hearts Entwined
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJan/Feb
Publication Year2008
15 Patterns
Be Kind
Designed by Beth Paterini
69w x 86h
Designed by Monique Keylon
55w x 83h
Fruit Bellpull
Designed by Carol Emmer
75w x 211h
Hearts Entwined
Designed by Gail Bussi
57w x 80h
Hugs N Kisses
Designed by Jackie Hendricks
49w x 49h
Hulle Family Farm
Designed by Julia Lucas
76w x 54h
In Bloom
Designed by Permin Of Copenhagen
193w x 84h
Khamseh Pillow
Designed by Lois Caron
209w x 209h
Main Street - Library
Designed by Marie Barber
260w x 110h
Monogram Apron
Designed by JBW Designs
62w x 32h
Rava'ai Ta'ata Part 1
Designed by Emie Bishop
72w x 286h
Rocket Ship
Designed by DeElda Wittmack
135w x 133h
The Fab Four - George
65w x 92h
The Fab Four - John
62w x 91h
Winter Sympathy
Designed by Diane Williams
102w x 102h