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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Amanda and Alexander
Cover: Amanda and Alexander
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year1988
17 Patterns
Designed by Teresa Wentzler
106w x 82h
Designed by Teresa Wentzler
106w x 82h
Amazing Grace
Designed by Janna Smith
197w x 105h
As Mothers Do
Designed by Aspen Needleworks
96w x 85h
Fanciful Egg Collection 1-6
Designed by Unknown
70w x 85h
Flying Santa
Designed by Nantucket Designs
82w x 56h
George Washington Sampler
Designed by Carol Seifert
140w x 193h
Irish Eyes
Designed by Mary Lynch
75w x 50h
Jefferson Memorial
Designed by Dorothy Young
150w x 99h
Designed by Dot Young
70w x 70h
Messenger Rabbit
93w x 57h
Nan's Garden
Designed by Unknown
226w x 77h
Noah's Ark
Designed by Wendi Clark
91w x 190h
Sunshine Garden
Designed by Unknown
106w x 106h
The Longfellow Sampler
Designed by Deborah Baker
168w x 216h
The Old Country
Designed by Barbara Rakosnik
80w x 90h
Tulip Border
Designed by Unknown
11w x 24h