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Just Cross Stitch | Cover:  The Red-Brick House at the Corner
Cover: The Red-Brick House at the Corner
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year1996
11 Patterns
Designed by Janet Kepher
Description: One large pink daylily
229w x 127h
Floral Hand Towel
Designed by Santoro
Description: Pink flowers
221w x 27h
Glorious Garden
Designed by Linda Connors
Description: Large blue flower and words.
101w x 127h
Golden Fleurs-De-Lis
Designed by Lauren Sauer
Description: Golden fleurs-de-lis is stitched with floss and beads to create a purse
83w x 98h
Pansy Brooch
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: Purple and gold pansy
26w x 40h
Pastel Sampler
Designed by Deborah Bull
Description: Sampler in bright colors includes house, birds, flowers, crowns, etc.
219w x 250h
Share Thy Bounty Needlework Box
Designed by Merry Cox
Description: Grapevines, birds, alphabet letters and words.
131w x 103h
Sing Everyday
Designed by Charlotte Holder
Description: Primitive design includes blackbird, alphabet letters and words.
33w x 114h
Tea Party
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: Teapot, candle, teacup, and flowers
130w x 107h
The Red-Brick House at the Corner
Designed by Julia Lucas
Description: Red-brick house, trees, flowers, and picket fence
141w x 103h
Wildflower Pillow
Designed by Alice Okon
Description: Design includes four different wildflowers
88w x 88h