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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Spring Hangbag
Cover: Spring Hangbag
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year1997
13 Patterns
Blushing Blooms Bellpull
Designed by Marie Barber
Description: Pink flower petals design.
61w x 201h
Celtic Style Wreath
Designed by Sable Jak
Description: Elaborate celtic design in gold and burgundy. Finished for a box.
62w x 62h
Elizabethan Garden Box
Designed by Sharon Cohen
Description: Last in series, decorative box design.
54w x 54h
Flowers Are Born
Designed by Monika Petterson
Description: Pink flower on black background - reads "Flowers are born of dark moments."
98w x 81h
Happy March Hare
Designed by Barbara Core Smith
Description: Boisterous bunny making rounds to deliver Easter eggs.
117w x 163h
Designed by Kathleen Hurley
Description: Still-life of two irises.
51w x 98h
Music Box Alphabet
Designed by Lorna Reeves
Description: Alphabet letters - used in model to decorate top of a music box.
32w x 20h
Pansies Pillow
Designed by Kathleen Hurley
Description: Colorful pansies decorate this pillow.
112w x 113h
Designed by Cindy Rice
Description: Portrait of two yellow roses.
138w x 168h
Rose and Pansy Tray
Designed by Kathleen Hurley
Description: Roses and pansies decorate this tray.
187w x 130h
Spring Handbag
Description: Design for a handbag that has delicate flowers and leaves.
142w x 47h
The Scottish Piper
Designed by Virginia Soskin
Description: A solitary Scottish piper.
48w x 65h
True Virtue
Designed by Janie Applebaum
Description: Antique-style sampler reads "By this exemplar I am taught how letters great and small are wrought. So by the example of the wise, May I true virture learn to prize.
234w x 197h