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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Cat in Flowers
Cover: Cat in Flowers
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year2008
14 Patterns
Alpha and Omega
Designed by Marie Barber
93w x 181h
Ballet Slippers
Designed by DeElda Wittmack
135w x 133h
Bunny Scrapbook
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
23w x 24h
Cat in Flowers
Designed by Marie Barber
130w x 115h
Daisy Necklace
Designed by Jackie Hendricks
15w x 23h
Ladybug Birth Sampler
136w x 163h
Love Pillow
Designed by Vicki Fisher
63w x 87h
Main Street - Floral Shop
Designed by Marie Barber
260w x 110h
Persian Pillow
Designed by Marie Barber
245w x 174h
Rava'ai Ta'ata Part 2
Designed by Emie Bishop
72w x 286h
She Gave Me
Designed by Deborah Thorpe
219w x 142h
Designed by Amy Bruecken
94w x 94h
Designed by Cathy Bussi
125w x 96h
The Fab Four - Paul
62w x 91h