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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Landscape Sampler
Cover: Landscape Sampler
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthMay/Jun
Publication Year2008
12 Patterns
A Salute to Fathers
Designed by Carol Emmer
115w x 66h
A Simple Prayer
Designed by Cathy Bussi
122w x 110h
A Stitching Room of One's Own
Designed by Elizabeth Gorski
144w x 159h
Alphabet Blocks
Designed by Wendy White
24w x 24h
Bee Birth Sampler
136w x 163h
Calla Lily
Designed by Sharon Summers
125w x 130h
Down on the Farm
Designed by Permin Of Copenhagen
165w x 107h
Island Fun
Designed by Marie Barber
200w x 142h
Jazz - a Tribute to New Orleans
Designed by Thea Dueck
74w x 156h
Landscape Sampler
Designed by Phyllis Hoffman
119w x 140h
Queen of the Castle - Crown
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
63w x 60h
Queen of the Castle - Wand
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
63w x 60h