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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Autumn Floral
Cover: Autumn Floral
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthNov
Publication Year1996
11 Patterns
Autumn Floral
Designed by Ginger Miller
Description: Autumn flowers and berries
130w x 150h
Golden Harvest Napkin
Description: Gold hunting horn, leaves and acorns
55w x 56h
Golden Harvest Place Mat
Description: Gold hunting horn, leaves and acorns
214w x 141h
Holly and Ivy Tablecloth
Designed by Cathy Livingston
Description: Holly leaves, holly berries, and ivy.
245w x 72h
Now Where Was I
Designed by Ruth Sparrow
Description: Comic strip sad lady reading a book.
68w x 71h
Old Mill
Designed by Julia Lucas
Description: Old country mill in a snowy landscape
140w x 105h
Peace Hand Towel
Designed by Lorna Reeves
Description: Word Peace.
136w x 19h
Silver-Penciled Hamburg
Description: Large white rooster with emerald-green tail feathers standing in a field with a red barn in the background
160w x 188h
Williamsburg Welcome
Description: Lovely half-circle wreath of fruit and leaves above the word Welcome.
171w x 116h
Winter Song Sampler
Designed by Linda Reeves
Description: Antique mauve and blue flowers and words.
54w x 90h
Winter Topiary
Description: Topiary tree with ornaments and large gold bow on top.
52w x 137h