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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthNov/Dec
Publication Year1987
44 Patterns
All Hearts
Designed by Sue Hillis Designs
61w x 52h
Designed by Douglas Designs
54w x 41h
Angel on Bell
Designed by The Berry Patch
29w x 74h
Angel on Star
Designed by The Berry Patch
44w x 43h
Angel with Joy
Designed by Alma Mater Mice
17w x 23h
Bear Santa in Motion
Designed by Liz Turner-Diehl
23w x 47h
Chicken in Basket
Designed by The Prairie Schooler
45w x 43h
Child Carrying Christmas Tree
Designed by June Grigg
33w x 32h
Christmas Angel
Designed by Lucky Duck Designs
28w x 37h
Christmas Block
Designed by Schoolhouse Designs
35w x 150h
Christmas Goose
Designed by Gooseberry Jam
56w x 75h
Christmas Heart
Designed by The Needle and I
47w x 46h
Christmas Hearts
45w x 41h
Christmas Plaid Merry Christmas
Designed by Charles Craft, Inc.
95w x 75h
Christmas Quilt
Designed by KJ Designs
30w x 30h
Christmas Toys
36w x 36h
Christmas Welcome
Designed by Unknown
148w x 97h
Cranberry Christmas Fingertip
Designed by Charles Craft, Inc.
38w x 27h
Face of Christmas
17w x 25h
Folk Dove
Designed by Ginger & Spice
45w x 50h
Fruit Basket
Designed by Unknown
111w x 141h
Designed by Cross Patch, Inc.
32w x 33h
37w x 61h
34w x 25h
Holly Box
Designed by Unknown
91w x 61h
Holly Santa
Designed by Boyd Designs
52w x 93h
Designed by Carolina Cross Stitch
48w x 36h
Merry Christmas
28w x 29h
Merry Christmas Bell
21w x 24h
Designed by Linda Bullock
31w x 24h
Designed by Spinning Wheel
25w x 15h
Quilt Blocks
Designed by Cross N Patch
58w x 59h
Rabbit Angel
59w x 67h
Sampler Box
Designed by Unknown
60w x 60h
Sampler Tree
Designed by Unknown
155w x 177h
61w x 57h
Shopping Spree
Designed by Florence Rosenberg
200w x 60h
Sweet Dreams
Designed by Nancy Montgomery
111w x 194h
Teddy in Stocking
16w x 49h
Toy Soldiers
Designed by Wendi Clark
73w x 89h
Virginia's Stocking
35w x 45h
Welcome Friends
Designed by Unknown
48w x 28h
Welcome Heart
Designed by Unknown
148w x 97h
Woolen Cap
Designed by Cedar Hill
21w x 25h