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Leisure Arts The Magazine | Cover: Sent From Heaven
Cover: Sent From Heaven
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthFeb
Publication Year1999
9 Patterns
All Weather Friends
Designed by Nancy Rossi
54w x 64h
Little Angel
Designed by Deborah Lambein
46w x 38h
Sent From Heaven
Designed by Nancy Overton
47w x 94h
Tea for Two
Designed by Polly Carbonari
90w x 80h
Thoughtful Markers - A Dilemma Indeed
Designed by Janet Lachapelle
29w x 110h
Thoughtful Markers - Except The Lord
Designed by Lorene Emmit
28w x 101h
Thoughtful Markers - Love is the Master Key
Designed by Christina Parker
31w x 109h
Welcome Friends - Cuddly Kittens
Designed by Deborah Lambein
59w x 28h
Welcome Friends - Playful Puppies
Designed by Deborah Lambein
61w x 28h