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Leisure Arts The Magazine | Cover: Checking In
Cover: Checking In
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthJun
Publication Year1988
10 Patterns
Amish Charm
Designed by Stephanie Schultz
100w x 41h
Bibs - Bears
Designed by Carol Emmer
93w x 24h
Bibs - Bunnies
Designed by Carol Emmer
100w x 22h
Bibs - Elephants
Designed by Carol Emmer
108w x 26h
Bibs - Pigs
Designed by Carol Emmer
99w x 26h
Checking in
Designed by Judy Buswell
145w x 93h
Country Sampler
Designed by Frankie Buckley
89w x 126h
Designed by Cindy Grubb
78w x 46h
Kindred Spirit
Designed by Cindy Grubb
62w x 27h
Wedding Rings
Designed by Polly Carbonari
66w x 98h