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Back Book Looney Tunes - The Big Book of Cross Stitch
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication Year1998
DesignerAnne Pulliam Stocks
103 Patterns
Afghan - Bugs Bunny
34w x 79h
Afghan - Daffy Duck
37w x 64h
Afghan - Marvin the Martian
38w x 68h
Afghan - Sylvester
38w x 57h
Afghan - Tasmanian Devil
36w x 49h
All American Rabbit
97w x 120h
Animated Magnets - Bugs Bunny
40w x 74h
Animated Magnets - Daffy Duck
48w x 44h
Animated Magnets - Foghorn Leghorn
39w x 64h
Animated Magnets - Marvin the Martian
41w x 59h
Animated Magnets - Porky Pig
41w x 57h
Animated Magnets - Road Runner
45w x 70h
Animated Magnets - Sylvester
50w x 55h
Animated Magnets - Tasmanian Devil
51w x 62h
Animated Magnets - Tweety Bird
39w x 44h
Animated Magnets - Wile E. Coyote
50w x 69h
Breadcloths - Foghorn Leghorn
67w x 67h
Breadcloths - Tasmanian Devil
67w x 67h
Breadcloths - Tweety Bird
67w x 67h
Breadcloths - Wile E. Coyote
67w x 67h
Bugs and Buddies
80w x 101h
Bugs Bunny Checkin Santa's List
112w x 99h
Bugs Bunny Cover Up
124w x 176h
Bugs Bunny Frame
70w x 96h
Caps - Daffy Duck
48w x 46h
Caps - Tasmanian Devil
91w x 55h
Cat-Astrophic Banner
54w x 114h
Coasters - Bugs Bunny
45w x 41h
Coasters - Daffy Duck
46w x 39h
Coasters - Marvin the Martian
39w x 40h
Coasters - Road Runner
43w x 42h
Coasters - Sylvester
45w x 45h
Coasters - Tasmanian Devil
41w x 41h
Coasters - Tweety Bird
40w x 39h
Coasters - Wile E. Coyote
46w x 39h
Crew Desk Set - Daffy Duck
34w x 31h
Crew Desk Set - Sylvester
34w x 31h
Crew Desk Set - Tasmanian Devil
34w x 31h
Crew Desk Set - Tweety Bird
34w x 31h
Cute Wittie Frames - Tweety Bird
70w x 66h
Cute Wittle Frames - Tasmanian Devil
79w x 63h
Daffy Drops the Ball #1
43w x 44h
Daffy Drops the Ball #2
29w x 13h
Daffy Drops the Ball #3
18w x 31h
Devilish Shirts #1
54w x 54h
Devilish Shirts #2
34w x 24h
Devilish Shirts #3
58w x 41h
Easter Tweety Bird
41w x 56h
God Bwess American
59w x 122h
Heart Tweety
37w x 31h
Holiday Magnets - Christmas Daffy Duck
33w x 59h
Holiday Magnets - Easter Taz
41w x 68h
Holiday Magnets - Halloween Tweety
49w x 55h
Holiday Magnets - Irish Slyvester
47w x 44h
Holiday Magnets - Patriotic Wile E. Coyote
50w x 56h
Jar Toppers - Bugs Bunny
37w x 37h
Jar Toppers - Marvin the Martian
37w x 37h
Jar Toppers - Porky Pig
37w x 37h
Jar Toppers - Speedy Gonzales
37w x 37h
Jar Toppers - Tweety Bird
37w x 37h
Lola Bunny Pillow
78w x 80h
Looney Tunes Close Up
87w x 70h
Marvin the Martian Bib
98w x 44h
Menu Board Magnets - Bugs Bunny
52w x 68h
Menu Board Magnets - Daffy Duck
49w x 60h
Menu Board Magnets - Elmer Fudd
40w x 57h
Menu Board Magnets - Marvin the Martian
49w x 56h
Menu Board Magnets - Road Runner
50w x 54h
Menu Board Magnets - Speedy Gonzales
49w x 55h
Menu Board Magnets - Sylvester
67w x 48h
Menu Board Magnets - Wile E. Coyote
51w x 59h
Mugs - Daffy Duck
60w x 46h
Mugs - Marvin the Martian
65w x 46h
Mugs - Sylvester
62w x 45h
Mugs - Tasmanian Devil
74w x 45h
Mugs - Tweety Bird
59w x 46h
No Smoking Sam
49w x 74h
Out of this World Frames - K-9
50w x 71h
Out of this World Frames - Marvin the Martian
44w x 70h
Pepe Le Pew Album
39w x 51h
Reading Reminders - Bugs Bunny
33w x 93h
Reading Reminders - Marvin the Martian
30w x 95h
Reading Reminders - Road Runner
33w x 94h
Sharing Your Heart
64w x 51h
Spooky Mugs - Bugs Bunny
114w x 30h
Spooky Mugs - Sylvester
63w x 30h
Spooky Mugs - Tweety Bird
63w x 30h
Superstar Tweety Bird
53w x 88h
Sylvester's Valentine
96w x 45h
Tasmanian Devil Keep Out
49w x 78h
Thanksgiving Taz
43w x 53h
Time for Taz
113w x 113h
Too Cute Tweety Bird
78w x 60h
Triangle - Bug Bunny
63w x 63h
Triangle - Daffy Duck
63w x 63h
Triangle - Porky Pig
63w x 63h
Triangle - Sylvester
63w x 63h
Tweety Baby Sampler
121w x 163h
Tweety Bird Baby Suit
55w x 51h
Tweety with Bow
22w x 35h
Twwety Bird Clock
113w x 113h
What's Cookin Doc #1
70w x 52h
What's Cookin Doc #2
70w x 40h