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Lord's Prayer Sampler | Cover: Lord's Prayer Sampler
Cover: Lord's Prayer Sampler
Leaflet Number20
PublisherMargaret & Margaret , Inc.
Publication Year1989
DesignerMargaret McKee Huey
15 Patterns
Alpha and Omega
15w x 28h
Anchor Cross
19w x 21h
Butterfly New Life
20w x 19h
Celtic Cross
16w x 24h
Chi Rha
16w x 23h
Crown and Slanted Cross
19w x 19h
Descending Holy Spirit
25w x 26h
Holy Communion Grapes
13w x 22h
17w x 21h
Jerusalem Cross
24w x 25h
Latin Cross and Crown
15w x 27h
Latin Cross and Ihs
19w x 21h
Latin Cross and Lily
19w x 27h
Lord's Prayer Sampler
237w x 299h
Manger and Star Cross
20w x 18h