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Make Every Day Special | Cover:  Santa Brings Good Cheer
Cover: Santa Brings Good Cheer
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthDec
Publication Year1994
7 Patterns
Baby's First Christmas
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Mini pillow ornament includes baby in long gown lying in a basket with baby's name, year, and words.
43w x 44h
Harvest Bread Covers
Designed by Jane Chandler
Description: Three different designs include red flowers and vine, yellow squash and vine, or Indian corn and vine.
69w x 64h
Holiday Tapestry
Designed by Nancy Rossi
Description: A ribbon of gold weaves its way through a rich tapestry of apples, peaches, and plums
100w x 52h
Joyful Sweatshirt
Designed by Vicky Howard
Description: J (candy cane), O (ornament), Y (fir greenery) with words.
71w x 54h
Merry Christmas Mugs
Designed by Deborah Lambein
Description: Three different mug designs include stockings of candy canes, Christmas trees, and Joy.
61w x 44h
Santa Brings Good Cheer
Description: Santa unloads his bag of toy including a horse toy on wheels, a doll, and a drum
96w x 132h
Think Snow
Designed by Kathie Rueger
Description: Four smiling children holding snowballs and a cat wearing ear muffs
98w x 49h