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Make Every Day Special | Cover:  Be Mine, Valentine!
Cover: Be Mine, Valentine!
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthFeb
Publication Year1995
8 Patterns
Be Mine, Valentine!
Designed by Barbara Baatz Hillman
Description: Heart-shaped ribbon with pink rose, purple pansy, pink heart, and words.
64w x 47h
Designed by Martha Hinson
Description: Smiling pig with a red rose in his mouth and an arrow-pierced-heart above his head
53w x 91h
Happy Clown
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Happy clown face with colorful bow tie
28w x 31h
Old-Fashioned Fingertips
Designed by Jane Chandler
Description: Three different towel designs include His, Hers, and Welcome.
98w x 30h
Precious Baby Gifts
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Design includes a lamb holding a balloon, a bunny holding a balloon, and a duckling holding a balloon. Perfect in whole or part for baby afghan, sipper cup or bib.
81w x 33h
Seasons of the Year
Designed by Nancy Rossi
Description: Four seasonal country landscapes
223w x 70h
Special Day Magnets
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
Description: Three different holiday designs include groundhog, Lincoln penny, and cherries.
20w x 20h
When Winter Comes
Designed by Doris Morgan
Description: Winter landscape includes house in country, snow, and words.
92w x 69h