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Many Minis | Cover: Various Seasonal Motifs
Cover: Various Seasonal Motifs
PublisherWee Designs
Publication Year1980
DesignerAnne Brinkley
45 Patterns
Autumn Colors - Leaf
120w x 19h
Autumn Colors - Leaf #2
15w x 23h
Autumn Colors - Turkey
19w x 23h
Boo - Ghosts
24w x 31h
Boo - Haystack
22w x 39h
Boo - Witch
22w x 22h
Christmastime - Candles
46w x 41h
Christmastime - Drum
24w x 27h
Christmastime - Wreath
30w x 40h
Diet Delights - Diet Phooey
30w x 27h
Diet Delights - Fight Fat
25w x 19h
Diet Delights - Thin Is in
17w x 35h
Forest Critters - Koalas
32w x 23h
Forest Critters - Owl
27w x 27h
Forest Critters - Squirrel
29w x 31h
Friends - Friend
33w x 25h
Friends - May Your Days
25w x 24h
Friends - You're the Best
30w x 32h
Happy Easter Wishes - Chick
35w x 35h
Happy Easter Wishes - Happy Easter
27w x 28h
Happy Easter Wishes - Happy Easter #2
31w x 28h
Happy Thoughts - Hi
23w x 25h
Happy Thoughts - Reach for the Sky
32w x 34h
Happy Thoughts - Wish on a Star
28w x 27h
Little Ones - For Baby
26w x 25h
Little Ones - Pins
43w x 16h
Little Ones - Thank Heaven
42w x 33h
Love - Be Mine
27w x 30h
Love - Heart
45w x 40h
Love - Love with Border
57w x 29h
Merry Christmas - Candy Cane
24w x 26h
Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas
19w x 28h
Merry Christmas - Noel
24w x 27h
Paperweights - Action Stack
27w x 22h
Paperweights - And so Forth
59w x 24h
Paperweights - Bless This Desk
65w x 36h
Playing Cards - Club
37w x 42h
Playing Cards - Diamond
38w x 46h
Playing Cards - Spade
39w x 42h
Spiritual Thoughts - God Bless You
38w x 55h
Spiritual Thoughts - Let Go
28w x 28h
Spiritual Thoughts - When Things Look
38w x 55h
St. Patrick's Day - Blarney
35w x 30h
St. Patrick's Day - Bragh
26w x 25h
St. Patrick's Day - God Bless
27w x 32h