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Back Leaflet Mini Christmas Treasures
Mini Christmas Treasures | Cover: Various Holiday Designs
Cover: Various Holiday Designs
Leaflet Number5
PublisherPAL - Prime Arts Limited, Inc.
Publication Year1983
DesignerJudy Boepple
34 Patterns
Angel Noel
22w x 26h
Angel with Harp
38w x 41h
Angel with Mandolin
39w x 41h
Bible and Candles
42w x 39h
Brightest Candles
34w x 42h
Christmas Toys
24w x 24h
Christmas Tree
19w x 27h
For Unto Us
24w x 23h
French Horn
32w x 40h
Fruit Wreath Border
47w x 47h
Gingerbread Man
25w x 29h
Girl and Soldier Boy
34w x 36h
Glad Tidings Border
45w x 43h
Grandmother's House
47w x 43h
Happy Birthday Jesus
26w x 27h
Horn and Mandolin
38w x 41h
Jolly Saint Nick
49w x 48h
Little Girl with Puppy
14w x 28h
Merry Christmas
27w x 26h
Merry Snowman
42w x 47h
Mouse with Bulb
21w x 25h
20w x 21h
27w x 26h
29w x 27h
Rocking Horse
28w x 22h
Santa's Bear with Candy Cane
25w x 25h
Santa's Puppy
23w x 24h
Season's Greetings Border
39w x 43h
Silent Night Holy Night
27w x 29h
Sleigh Ride
33w x 18h
Sleigh with Presents
30w x 24h
Twas the Night before Christmas
26w x 24h
Winter Chickadee
25w x 27h
Winter Deer
29w x 20h