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Mini Sentiments | Cover: Various Phrases
Cover: Various Phrases
Leaflet Number916303
PublisherThe Needlecraft Shop, LLC
DesignerJudith Chrispens
18 Patterns
Each Day
49w x 65h
Friends are Flowers
48w x 56h
Friends Forever
55w x 53h
Friendship is a Gift
72w x 55h
Good Friends
27w x 38h
I Give my Heart
57w x 44h
I'd Give You a Bouquet
41w x 33h
It's the Little Things
43w x 30h
Love is a Bridge
48w x 44h
Love is a Gentle Persuader
29w x 34h
Love is Springtime
30w x 37h
Sing in Harmony
65w x 28h
Smiles Make Friends
77w x 47h
Take Time Each Day
57w x 39h
39w x 39h
When Love Speaks
24w x 45h
You Brought Sunshine
35w x 40h
You're Special to Me
51w x 38h