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P is for Pooh | Cover: Blustery Day
Cover: Blustery Day
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Leaflet Number3089
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication Year1999
DesignerDisney Enterprises, Inc.
20 Patterns
Bee Talk Pooh
53w x 58h
Blustery Day
176w x 242h
Bother Free Pooh
48w x 78h
E is for Eeyore
103w x 108h
Friendlier with Two
48w x 77h
P is for Pansies, Posies, and Pooh
95w x 106h
P is for Piglet
87w x 106h
P is for Pooh
89w x 103h
Pooh and Friends Balloon Ride
80w x 159h
Pooh and Piglet Walking
172w x 172h
Pooh and the Honey Bee
96w x 118h
Pooh Birth Sampler
96w x 108h
Pooh Eating Honey
48w x 60h
Right Sort of Hug
125w x 146h
Splendiferous Tigger
49w x 77h
T is for Tigger
99w x 111h
Tigger with Butterflies
70w x 65h
Too Much Honey
164w x 240h
Tree Branch
165w x 139h
Ungloomy Eeyore
48w x 78h