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Back Leaflet Portrait of Native American Families
Portrait of Native American Families | Cover:  Navaho Woman & Child
Cover: Navaho Woman & Child
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Leaflet Number154
PublisherJeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
Publication Year1994
DesignerSusan Heiss
5 Patterns
Dancing for Life
Description: Three Native American dancers do the Shawl Dance, the Omaha (Warrior) Dance, and the Grass Dance
107w x 128h
Going to the River for Water
Description: Native American woman carries a water jug on her back on the way to the river
76w x 141h
Navaho Sheperdess
Description: Native American woman smiles while holding a lamb
100w x 149h
Navaho Woman & Child
Description: Native American mother holds her child on her lap
89w x 126h
Small Warrior
Description: Native American father teaches his son to shoot an arrow
136w x 139h