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Back Book Quilt Designs in Cross-Stitch
PublisherSedgewood Press
Publication Year1989
DesignerThe Vanessa-Ann Collection
33 Patterns
Annie's Closet
Description: Instructions to make a body for a porcelain doll and doll clothes. Different small motifs from throughout the book are cross stitched on the clothes.
Description: Patchwork barn, two cows, and flowers
150w x 224h
Bouquets and Baskets
Description: Quilt blocks with baskets of flowers, house, and alphabet
239w x 103h
Box Full of Wishes
Description: Pinwheel quilt block with floral border
104w x 104h
Bread Basket Liner
Description: Liner includes cabbage motifs and carrots motifs.
45w x 45h
Candle Screen
Description: Sheep, house, tree, and flowers
57w x 73h
Decorative Shelf Liner
Description: Cabbage motifs.
45w x 45h
Diamonds in a Dozen Colors Footstool
Description: Blue and lavender diamonds
101w x 101h
Diamonds in a Dozen Colors Ornaments
Description: Three different blue and lavender diamonds designs.
47w x 47h
Family Sampler
Description: House, farm, trees, flowers, and your family name
134w x 80h
Four Miniature Blocks
Description: Four different quilt blocks.
26w x 26h
Gardener's Hand Towel
Description: Row of carrots and turnips motifs
308w x 24h
Gray Bear Pillow
Description: Gray bear pull toy with quilt border
70w x 70h
Jar Lid Covers
Description: Motifs: carrots and turnips.
24w x 24h
Maiden's Mosaic
Description: Quilt with floral rings and squares
81w x 81h
Navigator's Box Table
Description: Quilt pattern with large blue flower in center
122w x 90h
Description: Different style houses include mansion, farm house, town house, apartment buildings, etc.
136w x 193h
Pair of Bear Pillows
Description: Brown teddy bear with diamonds border
70w x 70h
Patchwork Jewelry Box
Description: Quilt block with tulips and monogrammed initial
50w x 50h
Pink Porcelain Jar
Description: Pink roses design
42w x 42h
Princess and the Pea
Description: Little girl sleeping on top of many quilts with pea underneath, chest, crown, flower vase, and flowering vine in window
131w x 153h
Description: Woman quilting, sheep, houses, wheelbarrow, flowers, trees, and pinwheel
190w x 150h
Quilter's Prize
Description: Floral quilt block with flower baskets border
139w x 195h
Quilter's Stool
Description: Sheep, trees, houses, flowers, and wheelbarrow
140w x 101h
Rabbit in the Garden
Description: Quilt-patterned rabbit and quilt blocks showing cabbages, carrots, and turnips
137w x 183h
Royal Bell Pull
Description: Pink roses design
30w x 166h
Description: Floral wreath
21w x 21h
Sampler of Quilts
Description: Different quilt block designs such as Fan, Flower Basket, Dresden Plate, Goose in the Pond, Log Cabin, and flowers, alphabet letters, apples, tulips, pine trees, etc.
136w x 195h
Shooting Star
Description: Little girl in pinafore dress pulling back quilt curtain to look at stars
103w x 120h
Table Runner
Description: Three different quilt blocks include square, round, and diamond.
59w x 59h
Tables for Teatime
Description: Two different designs of flower baskets.
77w x 77h
Three Bears
Description: Teddy bear wearing a blue tam and sweater sitting in front of a quilt
125w x 122h
Three Maids A-Sailing
Description: Country maids in sailboats with quilts as the sails
209w x 112h