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Scentimental Greetings | Cover: Various Sayings
Cover: Various Sayings
Leaflet NumberCB 107
PublisherBanar Designs, Inc.
Publication Year1989
DesignerBanar Designs, Inc.
18 Patterns
Babies Are a Gift of God
21w x 25h
30w x 24h
Dads Are Special
29w x 29h
Ewe Are Special
23w x 28h
For a Sweet Daughter-in-law
16w x 27h
For a Sweet Mother-in-law
17w x 26h
For Someone New
24w x 20h
Friends Are Forever
28w x 21h
Happy Anniversary
26w x 19h
Happy Birthday
30w x 30h
Home Sweet Home
26w x 28h
Sisters Are Forever Friends
30w x 31h
24w x 24h
Thanks for Your Hospitality
24w x 26h
Thinking of You
26w x 26h
We Love Grandma
23w x 24h
We Love Grandpa
32w x 32h
With Love
26w x 23h