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Simply Cross Stitch (now Cross Stitch Magazine) | Cover: Garden Kitties
Cover: Garden Kitties
PublisherThe Needlecraft Shop, LLC
Publication MonthJul/Aug
Publication Year1997
14 Patterns
Designed by Marsha Coroso
42w x 42h
Garden Kitties - Afghan Center Motif
Designed by Barbara Sestok
120w x 150h
Garden Kitties - Diaper Bag
Designed by Barbara Sestok
84w x 81h
Garden Kitties - Pillow
Designed by Barbara Sestok
80w x 80h
I'm in the Garden
Designed by Ursula Michael
99w x 50h
Live Your Life
Designed by Patricia Hestand
105w x 70h
Noah's Ark Bookmark
Designed by Nancy Marshall
78w x 25h
Reflections of Your Smile
Designed by Diane Springer
50w x 54h
Sam & Bess - Cooler
Designed by Janelle Giese
74w x 44h
Sam & Bess - Napkin Holder
Designed by Janelle Giese
73w x 73h
Sam & Bess - Sampler
Designed by Janelle Giese
73w x 106h
So Glad We're Neighbors
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
71w x 95h
Still Life
Designed by Sharon Barrett
68w x 100h
Sweet Grapes
Designed by Pauline Rosenberger
28w x 36h