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Stik N Puff Magnets | Cover: Various Sayings
Cover: Various Sayings
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Leaflet NumberCL 47
PublisherBanar Designs, Inc.
Publication Year1984
DesignerNicki Birkett
15 Patterns
Caution! Gourmet at Work
21w x 25h
Eat Your Greens
23w x 20h
Hail to the Chef
20w x 29h
I Love Grandma's Cookies
20w x 25h
I Love Junk Food
25w x 28h
If You Can Read This
28w x 17h
If You Love Me Don't Feed Me
28w x 26h
Junk Food Is Essential
22w x 18h
Kiss the Cook
14w x 24h
Moms Are the Best Cooks
29w x 22h
Pasta Is the Staff of Life
11w x 30h
Round Is Beautiful
27w x 25h
Souper Mom
19w x 30h
The Kitchen Is Condemned
24w x 24h
There Are Two Choices
31w x 28h