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Stitcher's World (now Cross-Stitch & Needlework) | Cover: Dancing Bears
Cover: Dancing Bears
PublisherBayview Publishing, Inc.
Publication MonthAug/Sep
Publication Year2004
15 Patterns
Avalon Pillow II
Designed by Kandace Thomas
Description: Elegant pillow that uses geometric pattern. Avalon I is in March 2003 issue.
189w x 189h
Crystal Sleighs
Designed by Sandra Paradise
Description: Three winter sleighs piled with gifts. Uses specialty threads for sparkles.
95w x 147h
Dancing Bears
Designed by Polly Carbonari
Description: A black bear and a brown bear dance outdoors in this design filled with animals and reflective of nature.
150w x 109h
Delicate Floral Accessories - Gold and pearl Necklace
Designed by Anne Brinkley
Description: Small blue flowers made into a necklace.
226w x 26h
Delicate Floral Accessories - Gold Pin
Designed by Anne Brinkley
Description: Small rose accents made into a pin.
21w x 30h
Delicate Floral Accessories - Powder Box
Designed by Anne Brinkley
Description: Small flowers stitched on a box.
30w x 38h
Emerald Evergreen Runner
Designed by Unknown
Description: Small tree motif used for a table runner.
36w x 36h
Garden of Paradise Blackwork Sampler Ii
Designed by Adrienne Brooks
Description: Geometric blackwork tiles designed with Moorish influence. The companion is in May 2004 issue.
112w x 112h
Give Thanks
Designed by Ursula Michael
Description: Thanksgiving design done in autumn colors. Says Give Thanks in the center and along the bottom has the phrases "From Our Warm Home", "Our Lovely Family" and "Our Cheerful Friends"
336w x 70h
Heart & Home Sampler
Designed by Christine Hendricks
Description: Country themed sampler with various motifs. Says "Home Sweet Home" in the center.
226w x 172h
Jingle Bells
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
Description: Decorative bells for Christmas.
66w x 57h
Designed by Brenda Palmer
Description: Colorful witch design on bright green fabric. Cross-stitch or needlepoint.
95w x 198h
Partridge Bellpull
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
Description: Bellpull based on The Twelve Days of Christmas
61w x 233h
Quilt Crazy
Designed by Shilpa Gore
Description: Small design with a patchwork quilt border. Says "Crazy like a quilt" in the center.
56w x 84h
Welcome to Christmas
Designed by Gail Bussi
Description: Banner that has a Santa. Says "Welcome to Christmas."
60w x 108h