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Back Book The Best of Vanessa-Ann's Cross-Stitch Collection
PublisherOxmoor House, Inc.
Publication Year1992
DesignerThe Vanessa-Ann Collection
46 Patterns
An Apple a Day
Description: Red and green apples, pink apple blossoms and words.
120w x 148h
Autumn Beauty
Description: Basket of autumn flowers, pears, and grapes
104w x 111h
Bewitching Windsock
Description: Scary face stitched on black
51w x 76h
Birds and Flowers
Description: Wreath made of all four seasons of flowers with two chickdees sitting on snow-laden pine branch
96w x 97h
Birth Announcement - Boy
Description: Giraffe, jack-in-the-box, baseball mitt, boy in overalls, teddy bear, balloons, ABC, stork, baby's name, birthdate, birth weight, and words.
144w x 186h
Birth Announcement - Girl
Description: Giraffe, dollhouse, girl in bonnet with parasol, teddy bear, ABC, rainbow, balloons, baby's name, birthdate, birth weight, and words.
144w x 186h
Bountiful Harvest Table Runner
Description: Grapes, pumpkin, cabbage, pear, tomatoes, carrots, banana, bell pepper, strawberries, etc.
88w x 87h
Bunny Bouquet
Description: Bunny hiding among pink flowers
90w x 90h
Carousel Tiger
Description: Carousel tiger in front of a quilt pattern
113w x 113h
Christmas Towel - Rich Cranberry Floral
Description: Flowers
84w x 28h
Christmas Towel - Rich Cranberry Trumpet Vine
Description: Trumpet vine
86w x 26h
Christmas Towel - Rich Cranberry with Gold Geometric
Description: Christmas Towel with cranberry with gold geometric.
132w x 28h
Christmas Towels - Deep Teal Fleur-de-lis
Description: Fleur-de-lis
84w x 28h
Christmas Towels - Deep Teal Floral
Description: Flowers
84w x 28h
Christmas Towels - Deep Teal with Hearts
Description: Hearts
84w x 28h
Family Heirloom
Description: Picture frame design includes floral vine border and words.
158w x 186h
Father Frost
Description: Father Frost with bag of gifts and walking staff talking to children with frosty air behind him
131w x 173h
Father Ice
Description: Father Ice riding a white donkey with baskets of gifts
131w x 173h
Floral Elegance
Description: Floral bouquet with geometric shapes in background
71w x 98h
Floral Tapestry Trio - 1
Description: Flower urn
92w x 92h
Floral Tapestry Trio - 2
Description: Flower tree
93w x 93h
Floral Tapestry Trio - 3
Description: Yellow iris
92w x 92h
Folk Sampler
Description: Country people, house, trees, mountains shepherd, sheep, flax, geese, and words.
169w x 290h
Gift From the Heart
Description: Country woman sharing balloons with two children
85w x 86h
Glorious Nativity
Description: Nativity scene in rich colors with words.
122w x 251h
Great Outdoors
Description: Mountains, trees, moose, mallard ducks, and fish in the stream
79w x 126h
Happily Ever After
Description: Floral border, words, and bride's and groom's names, and wedding date.
68w x 94h
Happy Easter
Description: Flowers spell out Happy Easter.
155w x 95h
Home Sweet Home
Description: Flowers in each corner and floral letters Home Sweet Home.
206w x 160h
Homeward Hearts
Description: Country house, farm family, trees, flowers, alphabet, and words.
170w x 276h
Kanaka Loka
Description: Kanaka Loka holding staff standing on beach, poinsettias, and treasure chest of fruit
131w x 173h
Kris Kringle
Description: Kris Kringle carrying baskets of toys and fruit
131w x 173h
My Grandchildren
Description: Floral heart wreath, My Grandchildren in center, and your children's names and birthdates.
109w x 143h
No Time to Spare
Description: The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland running in suit and looking at pocket watch
152w x 73h
Patriotic Pillows - Confederate
Description: Four Confederate flags
123w x 91h
Patriotic Pillows - Liberty Flag
Description: Four liberty flags including the liberty tree
121w x 89h
Patriotic Pillows - Stars and Stripes
Description: Four stars and stripes flags
123w x 91h
Pere Noel
Description: Pere Noel walking through forest with lantern and walking stick
131w x 173h
Rainbow's End
Description: Rainbow, clouds, tulips, and words.
74w x 81h
Royal Alphabet
Description: Alphabet letters with flowers and vines
121w x 210h
Sinter Klaus
Description: Sinter Klaus riding a reindeer holding rabbit and talking to a boy
131w x 173h
Something's Brewing
Description: Witch, cauldron, ghost, black cat, bats, crescent moon and words.
138w x 142h
Special Delivery Cupids
Description: Two cupids holding a pink heart with I Love You in center.
94w x 70h
St. Nicholas
Description: St. Nicholas holding small tree and walking with a bear
131w x 173h
Wedding Keepsake
Description: Flower bouquet with bride's name, groom's name, and wedding date on ribbon
127w x 70h
Welcome Wreath
Description: Wreath with ribbons, flowers, fruit and word Welcome in center.
149w x 148h