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Back Leaflet The Book of Home Sweet Homes & Welcomes
The Book of Home Sweet Homes & Welcomes | Cover: Welcome Strawberry
Cover: Welcome Strawberry
Leaflet Number3
PublisherGraphworks International, Inc.
Publication Year1982
DesignerMary Bartley Stockett
22 Patterns
Home How Sweet It It Is
188w x 107h
Home Sweet Home Blue Flower Pot
76w x 75h
Home Sweet Home Chairs & Churn
81w x 58h
Home Sweet Home Decon's Bench
79w x 56h
Home Sweet Home Fancy Holly Berry
97w x 65h
Home Sweet Home House Border
39w x 167h
Home Sweet Home Modern House
75w x 52h
Home Sweet Home Poinsettia
34w x 33h
Home Sweet Home Small House With Border
51w x 27h
Home Sweet Home Williamsburg House
70w x 55h
Welcome Aboard
106w x 156h
Welcome Boards and Flowers
70w x 29h
Welcome Cherry Pie
41w x 29h
Welcome Daisy
32w x 102h
Welcome Pinapples
46w x 12h
Welcome Pumpkins
98w x 68h
Welcome Rainbow
123w x 61h
Welcome Rocker with Doll
77w x 122h
Welcome Script
93w x 31h
Welcome Strawberry
79w x 106h
Welcome Wash Stand
85w x 116h
Welcome Watermelon
63w x 32h