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Back Book The Changing Seasons
PublisherThe Vanessa Ann Collection
Publication Year1991
DesignerSusan Winget
29 Patterns
A Sewing Treasure Chest
Description: Pink tulips. Instructions included for box.
50w x 67h
Apple Sense
Description: Country home
30w x 28h
Cat's Collar
Description: Flowers. Instructions included for cat doll.
16w x 13h
Comforts of Home
Description: Two country homes, heart wreath, hearts, and flowers.
58w x 140h
Country Bumpkins
Description: Country Bumpkins include a teddy bear and a stuffed rabbit wearing vest.
38w x 46h
Country Welcome
Description: Country porch, wicker chair, quilt, cat, flowers, and screen door
170w x 138h
Easter Egg
Description: Rabbit in floral wreath.
40w x 40h
Gloriously Scented Goose
Description: Pink flowers. Instructions included for goose sachet.
40w x 30h
Kris Kitty
Description: Rocking horse. Instructions included for cat doll and toy bag.
33w x 30h
Lady Allison Cat
Description: Floral border. Instructions included for cat doll and clothes.
26w x 12h
Little Miss Christmas
Description: Christmas tree. Instructions included for sock angel.
29w x 49h
Only With the Heart
Description: Flower basket, embroidery hoop, clock, wicker chair, tea table, Victorian dress, hat box, and words.
204w x 165h
Pastel Patchwork Stocking
Description: Cat border. Instructions included for stocking.
17w x 21h
Piney Scents
Description: Pull-toy horse. Instructions included for pillow.
39w x 30h
Pumpkins on the Wall
Description: Pumpkins, stone wall, country homes, apple trees, and country lane
142w x 116h
Rainbow in the Sky
Description: Noah's ark, toy animals, house, barn, fields, rainbow, and words.
208w x 169h
Scenes of Christmas
Description: Carollers, candles, Santa with small tree and bag of toys, angel, teddy bear riding a rocking horse, toys, and words.
206w x 166h
Sir Alistair Cat
Description: Ribbon and flowers. Instructions included for cat doll and clothes.
36w x 11h
Some Bunny Loves You
Description: Rabbit and holly leaves. Instructions included for stocking.
33w x 97h
Springtime Window
Description: Window with blue shutters, window flower box, cat, knick-knacks, and hanging ornaments
128w x 104h
Springtime Window - Country Coziness
Description: Tea cozy has window with cat.
90w x 80h
Summer Picnic
Description: Apple tree, country home, stuffed dolls, flower basket, quilt, sack of apples, and straw hat
144w x 118h
Swingin' in Summertime
Description: Quilt block. Instructions included for doll and heart swing.
33w x 42h
Time For a Catnap
Description: Cat with hearts. Instructions included for pillow.
33w x 32h
Tiny Trimmings
Description: Tiny trimming include an angel, candles, santa and a rocking horse.
33w x 28h
Town and Country
Description: Town and Country include an ark, rainbow, and a bunny.
89w x 36h
Trick or Treat
Description: Pumpkins and happy black cat. Instructions included for cat doll.
64w x 43h
Victorian Christmas
Description: Wreath, two filled stockings, dolls, gifts, and words.
204w x 165h
Welcome Each New Day
Description: Country house, trees, toy goose, watermelon, cat in window, rag dolls, rocking horse, wicker porch chair, pineapple, toy rabbit, flower basket, fruit basket, and words.
175w x 144h