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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: The Road to a Friend's House
Cover: The Road to a Friend's House
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year1995
21 Patterns
A Special Friend
Designed by Ursula Michael
87w x 122h
Birth Announcement Pillow
127w x 71h
Christmas Heart
50w x 46h
Country Kitchen Set - Bow Jar Topper
Designed by Alice Okon
34w x 34h
Country Kitchen Set - Pig Jar Topper
Designed by Alice Okon
36w x 24h
Country Kitchen Set - Pig Towel
Designed by Alice Okon
101w x 32h
Diet Magnet
Designed by Lois Winston
43w x 42h
Floral Bookmark
Designed by Lois Winston
23w x 76h
Four Seasons - Autumn
Designed by Polly Carbonari
90w x 221h
Grandma's Apron
95w x 69h
Grizzly Bear
Designed by Barbara Sestok
197w x 143h
Inspirational Beaded Sampler
Designed by Lois Winston
159w x 171h
Inspirational Candle Wrap
Designed by Meg Thompson Shinall
109w x 53h
Moonlight Angel
Designed by Ursula Michael
46w x 60h
Designed by Judith Chrispens
108w x 22h
Sampler Collection Series - Scandinavian Ribbon Sampler
Designed by Lucy Lyons Willis
95w x 148h
Strawberry and Lemon Tablecloth
Designed by Lois Winston
83w x 83h
Designed by Lois Winston
54w x 29h
The Big Cats - Snow Leopard
Designed by Louise Young
150w x 150h
The Road to a Friend's House
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
180w x 140h
Who Plants a Seed
Designed by Lois Winston
181w x 35h