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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Butterfly and Mother Series - Debasa
Cover: Butterfly and Mother Series - Debasa
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year1996
27 Patterns
A Book Is Friend Forever
Designed by Alice Okon
28w x 84h
Bar Mitzvah
Designed by Jane Blum
102w x 113h
Blackwork and Roses
Designed by Janelle Giese
120w x 116h
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
Designed by Ursula Michael
41w x 154h
Children Are a Gift Sampler
Designed by Anne Wilson Stanton
124w x 74h
Coasters - Red Rose
54w x 54h
Coasters - Yellow Rose
54w x 54h
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
134w x 46h
Debasa Butterfly
Designed by Joan Grove
98w x 91h
Fisherman Plaque
Designed by Lois Winston
120w x 62h
Floral Accessories - Large Sachet
Designed by Alice Okon
39w x 36h
Floral Accessories - Pillow Sham
Designed by Alice Okon
105w x 63h
Floral Accessories - Small Sachet
Designed by Alice Okon
16w x 20h
Floral Kitchen Set
Designed by Alice Okon
38w x 33h
Friendship Sampler
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
180w x 120h
Fruit Towel
Designed by Lois Winston
159w x 38h
Happy Holidays
Designed by Lois Winston
31w x 20h
Home - Land of Liberty Sampler
Designed by Alice Okon
166w x 149h
Pansy Coasters
54w x 54h
So Many Projects so Little Time
Designed by Lois Winston
109w x 28h
Tablecloths - Pansy
24w x 23h
Tablecloths - Poppy
24w x 25h
Teacup Afghan Series - Section 1
Designed by Mary Bartley Stockett
360w x 134h
Teacup Afghan Series - Section 3
Designed by Mary Bartley Stockett
360w x 134h
Watermelon Bear
Designed by Jacquelyn Fox
39w x 61h
Wool Cross Stitched Floral Rug
Designed by Phyllis Dobbs
275w x 77h
You Are My Sunshine Bookmark
Designed by Judith Chrispens
43w x 98h