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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: A Fireman's Prayer
Cover: A Fireman's Prayer
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year2002
19 Patterns
50th Anniversary Table Topper
Description: A 50th anniversary design done in golds.
120w x 120h
A Fireman's Prayer
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: Fireman's prayer that starts "When I am called to duty, God; wherever flames may rage; give me strength to save some life; whatever be its age..."
120w x 256h
A Home Is Built
Designed by Louise Young
Description: Stitched on black. Says "A home is built with heart and hand." Has various tool motifs around border.
67w x 67h
Amish Quilted Wall Hanging
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: A geometric pattern in diagonal shape.
118w x 118h
Dove and Rose
Description: A white dove behind a red rose. Says "Let us lift up our hearts as well as our hands to God in Heaven" - Lamentations 3:40.
90w x 120h
Floral and Berry Address Book
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
Description: Blue flowers and red berries.
52w x 84h
Little Hummingbird House
Designed by Meg Evershed
Description: A design for making a 3-D birdhouse.
136w x 168h
Mill Hill Bead Series - Autumn Framed Heart
Designed by Wichelt Imports, Inc.
Description: A beaded design of heart surrounded by border with acorns and pumpkins.
71w x 71h
Santa & Friend Noel
Designed by Carole Rodgers
Description: Santa and reindeer beneath the word "noel."
42w x 71h
Shoe Afghan Series - Check Pump
Description: A check pump shoe.
77w x 60h
Shoe Afghan Series - Rose Strap Pump
Description: A rose strap pump shoe.
77w x 60h
Shoe Afghan Series - Spectator
Description: A spectator shoe.
73w x 57h
Shoe Afghan Series - Wedgie
Description: A wedgie shoe.
77w x 46h
Silk Ribbon Heart Box
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
Description: Flowers shaped in a heart.
54w x 58h
Sunflower Alphabet
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: An alphabet with sunflowers as motif.
17w x 19h
There Is a Season
Designed by Julia Lucas
Description: A phrase beginning, "To everything there is a season".
70w x 106h
Threads of One Quilt
Designed by Diane Selby
Description: A quilt like pattern with phrase,
152w x 152h
Veggie Table Runner
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: A collection of vegetables.
89w x 57h
Welcome Blue Birds
Designed by Sandra Parlow
Description: Two blue birds - design says "Welcome to our nest."
126w x 126h