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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Stitching Teddy Stocking
Cover: Stitching Teddy Stocking
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PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year2003
22 Patterns
All American House
Designed by Lois Winston
157w x 177h
Antique Noel Ornament
Designed by Eileen Gilliland
69w x 69h
Beautiful Orchids
Designed by Mike Vickery
110w x 83h
Cardinals Decorating Snowman
Designed by Frony Ritter
56w x 52h
Dancing in the Rain - Border
Designed by Mill Hill
71w x 64h
Dancing in the Rain - Heart
Designed by Mill Hill
34w x 30h
Delft Ornament
Designed by Dawn Heisdorffer
44w x 44h
King of the Grill
Designed by Susan Stadler
190w x 40h
Old Glory Pillow
Designed by Lois Winston
174w x 134h
Patriotic Picnic
Designed by Annie Lang
139w x 137h
Patriotic Toys Afghan - Angel
Designed by Lois Winston
40w x 51h
Patriotic Toys Afghan - Flag
Designed by Lois Winston
39w x 51h
Patriotic Toys Afghan - Heart
Designed by Lois Winston
39w x 51h
Designed by Sam Hawkins
161w x 128h
Raining Cats and Dogs
Designed by Mike Vickery
174w x 102h
Spirit of America
Designed by Carla Acosta
118w x 94h
Stars And Stripes
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
46w x 41h
Stitched Together
Designed by Susan Stadler
61w x 236h
Stitching Teddy Stocking
Designed by Joan Elliott
136w x 217h
Tea Honey?
Designed by Diane Selby
58w x 76h
Uncle Sam
Designed by Joan Green
38w x 45h
Wine Country Inn
91w x 63h