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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Snow Fun Stocking
Cover: Snow Fun Stocking
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year2004
19 Patterns
Let It Snow Ornament
Designed by Sandra Golden
56w x 56h
A Friend Speaks the Language of the Heart
Designed by Lois Silverman
244w x 160h
American Beauty Rose
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
165w x 155h
Baby's First Christmas Ornament
46w x 56h
Desert Dreams
Designed by Julia Lucas
120w x 90h
Floral Backpack
Designed by Barbara Payne Shelton
93w x 93h
Good Morning
Designed by Diane Selby
224w x 136h
Let the Sunshine In
Designed by Teresa Tarnowski
56w x 74h
Merry Christmas 2004 Ornament
Designed by Sandra Golden
56w x 56h
Patriotic Cat Sampler
Designed by Bennie Harman
85w x 147h
Patriotic Stocking
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
114w x 157h
Playtime Puppies - Bib
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
96w x 20h
Playtime Puppies - Quilt
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
231w x 56h
Playtime Puppies - Towel
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
113w x 71h
Snow Fun Stocking
Designed by Joan Elliott
138w x 217h
Summer Picnic
Designed by Carla Acosta
127w x 82h
The Kiss of the Sun
Designed by Lois Winston
145w x 94h
Twinkle Tree Ornament
Designed by Patricia Walsh
54w x 59h
Welcome Friends
Designed by Dorothy Roller
53w x 83h