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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Love Spills Everywhere
Cover: Love Spills Everywhere
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthFeb
Publication Year2006
20 Patterns
A Dream Come True
Designed by Ursula Michael
110w x 136h
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
76w x 33h
Amazing Grace
Designed by Judith Morris
87w x 92h
Be Mine
Designed by Lois Winston
126w x 58h
Calico Heart
Designed by Diana Thomas
51w x 77h
Craft Project Resolution Box
Designed by Lois Winston
85w x 41h
Hibiscus Parakeets
Designed by Mike Vickery
112w x 91h
Korean Wedding Tea Pot
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
90w x 66h
Designed by Linda Wyszynski
45w x 21h
Love Spills Everywhere
Designed by Carolyn Manning
77w x 118h
Mystery Series - Part 1
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
84w x 84h
Nursery Rhyme Afghan - Cat Character
Designed by Lois Winston
37w x 43h
Nursery Rhyme Afghan - H for Wording
Designed by Lois Winston
42w x 45h
Nutcrackers for Every Occasion - Valentine
Designed by Cynthia Chamblee
59w x 132h
Old Macdonald
Designed by Lois Winston
117w x 137h
On Thin Ice
Designed by Angelic Designs
104w x 71h
Snowmen Fall from Heaven
Designed by Carolyn Manning
92w x 114h
Strawberries and Cream
Designed by Casey Buonaugurio
79w x 88h
Valentine Wish
Designed by Margaret Geaslen Kohl
111w x 89h
Winter Woodland Scene
Designed by Julia Lucas
84w x 56h